Ice Cream Break

Client tour bonus

Apr 03, 2017

Category: John Carroll University

On Thursday of this week our intern class was able to take a little break from busy season to take a trip to Mitchell’s Ice Cream. I was obviously very excited this (for the ice cream mostly) but we ended up learning a lot about the company and their values. Being a Cleveland native, I have been a huge fan of Mitchell’s throughout the years. Although I knew about the ice cream and the stores throughout Cleveland, there was so much I learned from this experience.

One of the owners, took time out of his busy day to show us around and talk to us about his company. He spoke about how positive the Cohen relationship is and how grateful he is for our services. He mentioned members of the firm who he was close with and has built relationships with through the years he has been a client. This showed the emphasis Cohen places on personal relationships and how everyone here genuinely cares about the clients and benefitting their interests.  He also spoke to us about the values of their company and how a majority of their ingredients are locally sourced and fair trade. I thought that was interesting and really cool how a local company is able to benefit the community versus outsourcing which is probably cheaper. Mitchell's focus is making a positive impact on those who come into his store and the community. I also learned that Mitchell’s is a very environmentally friendly company and have many forms of reusing including a rain water recycle system on the roof, solar panels, and reusable ice cream containers. When you are eating Mitchell’s ice cream, you are benefitting the local economy and supporting fair trade initatives, so I guess this means everyone should eat more ice cream!!

I enjoyed this experience being able to talk to a successful local business owner. Often times it is hard to immerse yourself in your work when you don’t see where your efforts are actually going. This was a good visual to see the benefit Cohen has on a local business.