Internship Program

Looking for a real-world experience? Our interns have the same responsibilities as full-time staff members and the same level of access to discuss client matters with partners and our management team.

Get Real Experience

Our internship program will provide you with an unparalleled skill set. We provide the tools, training and experience to achieve rapid professional growth from the beginning of your career. In fact, many of our partners and management team members started as interns.

Our paid internship program includes:


You will start your internship on the same day as the rest of the intern class. During orientation, which will help you hit the ground running, you will meet your fellow interns and receive an outline of the program. We will walk you through the program and discuss expectations, projects and special events. Orientation continues with a full week of training, during which you will learn about our software, processes and will receive accounting-specific training.

Internship Assignments

The primary purpose of your internship will be to gain experience via tax, audit, review and compilation projects. You also will receive a variety of brief assignments to help you maximize your internship experience and transition into the professional world. These assignments often coincide with other internship program events, e.g., assisting with community service projects.

Events and Meetings

You will participate in group events such as an “etiquette lunch,” networking workshop and client tours. Our interns also meet to discuss their experiences and review expectations. We hold these meetings at our various offices or after an intern event.

Community Service Projects

Because Cohen & Company and Cohen Fund Audit Services value the importance of being positive community members and leaders, we donate time to local community organizations, such as the Cleveland Food Bank.


Internships are offered twice a year, during busy season and summer. To be considered, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration
  • Major:  Accounting
  • GPA:  Minimum 3.2
  • Coursework:  Successfully completed entry level and, ideally, intermediate accounting courses with a minimum of a “B” average.  One tax course is preferred, but not required, for the winter internship.
  • Pursuing required credit hours to sit for the CPA Exam

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