There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right employer/ employee fit. The path a student chooses out of college can make a big difference down the line.

Below are some of the most common questions we hear from parents. If you don’t find an answer to your particular question, feel free to contact Hallie Sly or Abbey Seman.

What does a career in public accounting really mean? Will crunching numbers provide a rewarding career?
Public accounting is so much more than sitting in front of a computer entering numbers into endless spreadsheets. Public accounting is a dynamic industry that offers professionals the opportunity to experience a variety of industries and work with a range of business and community leaders. The diverse experience public accounting provides can set the stage for a very rewarding career that spans far beyond a cubicle.

Why should my student choose Cohen & Company over a “Big 4” national firm?
The interns and staff we hire want a career with a firm that puts them in control of their future from day one; they aren’t looking for simply a resume-building experience. We immediately immerse staff and interns into real client projects and offer opportunities for leadership, community involvement, networking and more. We’re strong believers in leadership at any age, and can generally offer a faster promotion track. Our employees find our approach and culture much more valuable in the long run than working at a firm with a more familiar name.

What will my student need to do to be successful at Cohen & Company?
We strive to hire and retain top performers. We define a top performer as someone who possesses academic achievement, leadership ability, citizenship, passion and personality.

Quality is paramount to our work, so we naturally look for "A" students, but we want people who can think under pressure. We also look for future leaders and partners. That’s why in addition to academic achievement, we examine extracurricular activities and look for demonstrated leadership from our candidates.

Candidates must have high ethical standards and a personal character consistent with the ideals of our firm and our profession. They must be dedicated to and passionate about the job, and have a personality that makes clients and colleagues want to work with them. We hire friendly people who work together to make work easier and more enjoyable. A team approach is a critical part of our culture.

Is the internship a paid program? Will my student receive college credit?
We pay our interns. While we feel we give them a well-rounded experience throughout our program, we know that the best way to make them feel like a valued team member is to provide them a competitive salary for their hard work. We also encourage the colleges and universities from which we hire to offer internship credit; however, that decision is ultimately up to the student’s school.

How will my student find housing during the internship?
We want our employees to find a safe, comfortable home away from home during their time in our program. We have found the best way to accomplish this is through referrals from past interns or younger staff. We work with students in need of housing to put them in contact with those who can help.

What is it like working downtown? What kind of culture will my student experience?
Our locations offer vibrant opportunities for young professionals to enjoy during and after work, such as nearby museums, theaters, restaurants, concerts, sports and professional networking events geared toward young professionals. We also offer activities such as intramural sports, networking opportunities and community involvement opportunities to help create a full experience.

What transportation and parking options are available for the firm’s downtown locations?
We try to make the options easy and affordable. Employees can choose from convenient public transportation or can park in nearby garages or surface lots. The firm subsidizes a portion of the expense for any of the options.

What kind of work schedule will be expected?
Our general office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. However, client concerns always must be addressed on a timely basis. Particularly during our primary busy season (January through April), extended hours may be necessary. Some employees also will be asked to travel to clients when needed, with mileage and certain other expenses paid by the firm.