Training Program

Training is the foundation of our success and the primary reason why our people are so valuable. Our training program empowers staff to offer solid advice to our clients. Cohen & Company and Cohen Fund Audit Services offer six tracks of training to guide our staff from entry-level to partner. For some, the training starts even earlier, during our internship program.

Transitional Learning

We understand that there is a learning curve between school and the office. While college coursework is a critical foundation for your new career, not all of it has direct application in the workplace.

From your date of hire, which is typically sometime in the fall, through the beginning of tax season, we will help you take the concepts and theories learned in school and translate them into working knowledge.

Bi-weekly courses begin with the basics of debits and credits and take you through tax returns to job specific practices and theories. Other topics covered include: engagement planning, liabilities, equity and income statements, work paper documentation, accounting 101, bank reconciliations, fixed assets and related depreciation, j-1 work papers, income taxes, tax returns and financial statements.

Lunch Educational Series

We are very fortunate to have some of the brightest people in the industry on our staff and look to our firm's specialists to assist in training. Once a week in our Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown offices, a selected member of the tax department leads a discussion during lunch on hot topics in the industry. The designated leader also facilitates a brainstorming session to help solve current and complex client issues.

We also conduct periodic lunch-and-learns that cover a range of topics, such as proposals and cost of services, international business, investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, notes), basics of nonprofit organizations, mergers and acquisitions, cash flows, financial statement analysis and career paths at the firm.

Annual Fall Training

This is the most intensive and fun of all our training programs. The off-site, three-day fall retreat is offered to all offices and includes technical, business and personal development programs. Each level in the firm has their own curriculum tailored toward their particular needs. We share ideas and knowledge among our offices, and it's a great way to build camaraderie.

Departmental Meetings

Periodically throughout the year, each department holds staff meetings to discuss management, department and firm issues, as well as technical updates. In addition, process improvement is addressed. Departmental meetings serve as a unique, interactive learning forum and allow us to keep our staff apprised of the firm's direction and progress on a regular basis.

Specialized Individual Training

After approximately three years, or once you've established a solid foundation in the basics and have developed an interest in a specialty or niche group, you will be introduced to our individualized training track. This particular track is dedicated to developing your technical and managerial skills and allows you to seek the education you need to do so. Your path may include obtaining your CFE, CMA, CFP or completing graduate coursework directly related to your interests. Specialized individual training strengthens the leadership of our management and supervision team.

Management Training

The firm has developed an extensive internal training program to prepare our next generation of leaders. During five full-day sessions held from spring through fall, all new managers closely examine issues related to our firm, the accounting industry and business leadership skills. Senior members of our management team present on topics, including the history of the firm, defining the role of manager, leadership versus management, supporting difficult firm decisions, emotional intelligence, HR issues and policies, networking, operations, billings and revenue, and how to efficiently stay on top of technical changes in the industry.

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