Below is a snapshot of what makes our firm unique — and which division may be the better fit to begin building your Cohen & Company career.

Private Company Services Division

Does the idea of advising thriving, growth-oriented private enterprises, entrepreneurs and not-for-profit organizations with $5 million to more than $1 billion in annual revenue sound like a fun way to spend your day? Then our Private Company Services Division may be the perfect fit. Our clients have operations in and conduct business across the country and around the globe. They are nimble, creative and innovative, and rely on us to help them identify and seize opportunities for their businesses.

Whether focused on tax, audit or business consulting, our employees have an entrepreneurial spirit. We work directly with clients early on, building strong relationships and becoming an integral part of their advisory teams. There is also ample opportunity to become a leader in our firm and our communities from day one.

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Fast Facts

  • Approximately 250 accountants and consultants
  • Third largest accounting firm in Northeast Ohio; 74th largest in nation
  • 3,000-plus private company and entrepreneur clients
  • Offices in Akron, Cleveland and Youngstown, Ohio; St. Clair Shores and Detroit, Michigan; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Randy Myeroff: CEO since 1997 (at the age of 34); committed to his family and actively involved in the community
  • Rob MacKinlay: President of Private Company Services Division; led the group to its greatest organic growth in the firm’s history; rabid hockey fan and family man

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Investment Industry Services Division

Do you have an interest in the financial markets? Do you enjoy your finance classes, but know that public accounting is where you want to take your career? Our Investment Industry Services Division can allow you to have the best of both worlds. Spend 100% of your time immersed in the investment industry, working with mutual funds, hedge funds/investment partnerships, registered investment advisors and fund service providers. We offer a unique opportunity to work as part of a national practice but specialize in an industry with significant challenges and extraordinary growth. But don’t think for a second that “specialization” means your career is limited.

Client connections are made immediately, and staff at all levels consistently take the lead on new initiatives and complex client issues. Whether focused on audit or tax, working in this niche area — with clients having up to $15 billion in annual net assets — helps employees develop an extensive network and a deep understanding of the investment company industry. Our team-focused work environment also provides ample opportunity for leadership in our firm and our communities from day one.

Interested? Read our Fast Facts to learn more.

Fast Facts

  • Approximately 200 accountants
  • Named by MutualFundWire as one of the nine primary CPA firms in the country to serve multiple mutual-fund complexes
  • 5th largest auditor of registered funds in the United States
  • The largest investment industry tax department among mid-sized accounting firms
  • 1,500-plus fund clients, located across the nation
  • Offices in Cleveland, Ohio; Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and New York, New York
  • Chris Bellamy: Co-President of Investment Industry Services Division; developed annual Cohen Client Conference; heavily involved in the firm’s recruiting and internship program
  • Corey McLaughlin: Co-President of Investment Industry Services Division; responsible for strategy and development of the private funds practice; leader in cryptocurrency space

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