Will You Fit In?

We think our firm is a great place to work, but the best way to determine if our culture is right for you is to arrange a visit to our offices. In the meantime, here's what we look for in successful candidates.

Academic Achievement

Our firm produces "A" work; so, we naturally look for "A" students. However, getting the grades alone isn't enough. We want people who can think under pressure, and we will test your ability to do so.

Leadership Ability

We hire future partners. That's why in addition to academic achievement, we examine extracurricular activities and look for demonstrated leadership from our candidates.


Citizenship not only means participating in community affairs, it also means having high ethical standards and having a personal character consistent with the ideals of our firm and our profession.

Dedication and Passion

We want every employee to succeed, both financially and professionally. But we realize, especially during busy season, that the first years at Cohen & Company and Cohen Fund Audit Services may require personal sacrifice due to heavy demands on time. The later rewards are well worth the early efforts, but those rewards will be there only for those whose ambition and passion for the job motivate them to excel.

Personality and Sensitivity

Someone once said, "Nice guys finish last." We don't believe it. We hire friendly people who work together to make work easier and more enjoyable. A team approach is a critical part of our culture.

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