Work/Life Balance

We don't just talk about work/life balance; we encourage it. Although we cannot accommodate every circumstance, here are a few instances were we have been able to help some of our employees achieve that balance.

Staff Accountant

One of my interviews here at Cohen & Company was conducted by a part-time partner, which impressed me to begin with, but when she told me that she was going to have to conclude the interview by 2 p.m. so she could be home in time to take her kids trick or treating, I knew Cohen & Company was where I wanted to be. Continually, the partners of this firm demonstrate to me their commitment to the staff as people, not just employees.

One such instance was the letter after tax season that, in addition to thanking us for efforts and sacrifices in serving our clients, also read: 'Just as teamwork is the key to our success inside the firm, we know that teamwork between you and your family and friends is equally important, and we thank them for their part in helping you be successful.' I was really overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and the gratitude expressed to our families.

There are so many role models here, great women that work here in numerous capacities and levels who have been acknowledged for their accomplishments, and who provide support and someone to look up to. It gives you confidence that you, too, can have it all.

Audit Senior Manager

As a mother of three children, I've really appreciated the flexibility I've had throughout my career at Cohen & Company. As I have progressed upward from intern to senior manager and my responsibilities at Cohen have grown, so too has my family. The partners at Cohen have been flexible in helping me be all I can be at work and at home.

Throughout the years, they have been flexible with the many changes to my schedule so that I can experience the balance that allows me to be a happy person and valuable employee. I have really gotten the sense that as long as I am helping to ensure that my clients meet their goals, Cohen will help me meet mine.


It's always been made clear to me that your family is a part of you as an individual and therefore it's an important part of the firm.

For instance, shortly after joining Cohen & Company in 1995 as a manager, I was very excited to find out that I was pregnant with my first child. It couldn't have been crazier timing, and based on my previous work environment, I was really worried that it would look like I was on the 'mommy track' instead of partner track. It was clear that Cohen & Company didn't think like that when they promoted me to the level of senior tax manager while I was away on maternity leave.

Another example of their understanding and support occurred that same year when I returned from maternity leave just in time for the beginning of tax season. Between working 70 hours a week and a newborn son at home, it was no surprise that by April I was feeling burnt out. Not only did I feel comfortable enough to approach the firm about a part-time work schedule, but the response was very positive.

I have never felt that having kids or a family penalized me in any way. Even with my part-time schedule, never once did anyone doubt that I was serious about being on the partner track. That was ultimately proven to me when I was promoted to Partner in 2003.


The hardest thing about balancing work and family, for me, is that you have to let go of some things because you can't do it all. It's hard to accept that you can't be as available as you used to, but at the same time, it's comforting to know that the people around you don't expect you to be. Knowing that you can say no and that your clients will be well taken care of by the other members of the service team gives you reassurance.

Even though I took the cafeteria approach to my career, picking and choosing my projects, I always felt partner support.


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