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An ‘Escape’ from the Office

Jul 17, 2019

Category: University of Dayton

An internship at Cohen & Company provides something more than just accounting experience, it provides an avenue to connect and learn from many different people both in and out of the office. Everyone around is so gracious to help out, especially in the first few weeks when everything is still new and confusing. On top of that, each intern has a learning buddy to help them through any questions they might have, whether it is related to a return or just the company in general. Even after the initial learning curve, you feel comfortable going to them with any new questions that may arise.

The way Cohen & Company respects there employees and their initiatives to help one another is really shown by the little things. For instance, the firm schedules Thank You events for the learning buddies, for helping us interns through our difficulties and making us feel so welcome and accepted at the firm.  Our group decided to do an Escape Room for the Thank You Event down in Ohio City. Our escape room was Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla theme, so the puzzles all revolved around inventions like clocks or the application of electric power. The escape room was a blast as we got to work as a team, solving a series a puzzles and riddles. Not only were we racing against the game’s clock, but we had split up into two teams to see who would be the first out. This only added to the fun as the competitive nature and desire to win was shared between all of us present.

Afterwards the event did not feel like just a checkmark on a box, instead most of us stayed afterwards to catch up with one another. We explored Ohio City, grabbing a bite to eat. Here we could really reflect on our experiences, and realize how quickly the past month and a half has gone. Within the first few weeks it is clear that Cohen & Company wants to help their staff and treats them with respect, and in return they act that same way with one another. I believe this is part of what makes Cohen & Company a really special place to work.