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“We love numbers, but we won’t treat you like one.”

Jul 11, 2019

Category: Marquette University

A large part of Cohen & Company’s recruiting campaign to prospective interns is their emphasis on the culture and how the company doesn’t treat you like a number, as stated in the careers tab on – “We love numbers, but we won’t treat you like one.” This is a concept that gets tossed around a lot by companies during the recruiting process, but as I was going through the interview process, I asked myself what is it that makes this firm different? During my initial conversation with Frankie Knauer and Frank Barrie at a career fair put on by Marquette University, I could immediately sense it, but it wasn’t something that I was able to truly grasp until my internship began.

To begin our internship, we were sent to Cleveland for a week of training that allowed us to get to know the rest of the interns and plenty of employees from the Cleveland office. It was then that I began to realize what made Cohen & Company so special. During the early part of the week, we were all told why we were given offers – we were selected not solely off of outstanding resumes and achievements, but our ability to be noticeably intelligent and maintain good conversation. It was at this point that I realized what made this firm so special – what they look for in candidates is their ability to elevate the company culture, not simply clock in at 9, power through until 5, and go on with their lives.

Cohen & Comany promotes a company culture that makes you look forward to coming into work. That could be due to the casual conversations held on a daily basis with coworkers ranging from intern to partner, or the numerous fun events lined up throughout the summer – like volleyball every Tuesday, intern/learning buddy lunches or events, volunteering, or other fun activities around downtown Milwaukee at night. This is what makes Cohen feel like a second family to all of their employees, and why Cohen & Company, every year, has an employee turnover rate far below the industry average.