Intern Blog

Accounting Beyond the Numbers

Jul 20, 2021

The typical accountant is mostly seen as a number cruncher who is great with excel and is “stuck” in a cubical all day completing the typical accountant tasks. While using numbers is a major part of the job, this tool is not the only item that comes with the job of accounting. During my internship at Cohen & Company I have been able to obtain a first-hand experience of what a true accountant does on a daily basis.

One of the expectations set forth by Cohen is treating clients with the upmost respect and forming bonds and relationships. Putting the client first has played a vital role in the success of the firm. Therefore, an accountant must be able to socialize with their clients in order to gain their trust and make them feel comfortable at the firm. I had the opportunity to attend a Learning & Development Personality Trait seminar put on by the firm and this seminar truly benefited me in learning about my own personality and learning about both employees and client personalities. Being able to understand the personality of both clients and employees within the organization is highly important to the job of accounting.

Secondly, an accountant must be dedicated to their chosen role. I can remember from my interview process for this summer internship that I was asked to describe myself using one trait. My word was dedicated because without dedication how can you expect others to depend on you? Dedication to your craft shows that you care for the firm and respect its values for what it stands for. It shows that you are dedicated to caring for the client and always willing to lend a helping hand to one of your employees. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile in exceeding the expectations that are held to you. I can assure you that Cohen is dedicated to helping not only its clients but its employees as well. Being a tax intern, I was able to participate in the annual tax lunch where I was able to learn about new tax regulations and ask questions to other employees about the new codes.

Finally, an accountant must embrace and become one with the firm. At Cohen, accountants are seen as more than just an employee, they are seen as family. As I began my first ever internship in June, I had a very strong support system from my peers including my learning buddy and team manager. From day one, I had the confidence to master the necessary skills to complete the daily tasks assigned to me. I really enjoyed the team bonding with the workers not only in the Youngstown office but all of the other Cohen firms. Team bonding included Learning Buddy Activities and Geographics Leaderships Discussions in which all of the interns and new hires gathered together to hear a leading individual speak within the Cohen firm, and celebrating with other employees as they received their promotions and began a new journey at the firm.

As I get ready to conclude my internship at Cohen & Company, I can definitely say that I have learned a lot about what an accountant does on a daily basis. I never knew before that an accountant held many responsibilities for all of the operations in a firm. I am very thankful for this opportunity and will make certain to apply the skills I learned at Cohen to the rest of my time at college. I hope every intern has the same great experience I had at Cohen & Company.      

Gannon Fridley
Walsh University