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Advice for Success in Your First Weeks at Cohen

Jan 28, 2018

Category: The Ohio State University

Jumping right into busy season for the IIS audit department after only a week of training may seem like a very overwhelming and scary situation.  If I am being honest this is exactly how I felt only two weeks ago.  But do not stress, I am here to give you advice on how to make the most of your first few weeks and get off to great start for the remainder of your internship.

1.  Ask questions!  While you do go through a week of training prior to starting, by no means do your supervisors expect you to be an expert when it comes to audits.  So never be afraid to ask your supervisor or learning buddy for help.  It is better to ask your supervisor to walk you through a task than to spend hours spinning your wheels on something you do not understand.

2.  Take notes – asking question is only useful if you are able to remember the answer.  So take as many notes as you can to reference back to later when you are working on your tasks on your own.  This also applies to training, even though you are going over a lot of information try to write down as much as possible. You never know when it will come handy somewhere down the road.

3.  Keep your computer and desk organized – this will help you find any information you need for your work quicker, it will also help reduce any unnecessary stress.

4.  Do not stress over how long it takes you to get your work done.  Like I mentioned before, you are not expected to be an expert the first day you start working.  It is better to take your time so you can understand each task you are completing rather than rushing through it as fast as you can just to impress people with how quickly you got it done.  It will be much more beneficial in the long run.

I hope you find this advice useful and that it will help you get off to a great start with your internship!