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After 5 Intern Program

Jul 24, 2017

Category: Villanova University

As an intern this summer in St. Clair Shores, I received the unique opportunity to not only get to know other interns, but also to learn about the city of Detroit through the After 5 Intern Program. The After 5 Intern Program is comprised of six events that bring together interns from various different companies based around Detroit to experience and learn more about the city. Participating in the program allowed me to learn more about what a lifestyle in Detroit would be like, meet other interns in the area, and obtain networking experience. Events put together by the program included: a scavenger hunt at the Detroit Science Center, exploration of Midtown, a private preview of the new Red Wings ‘Arena District’, activities in Campus Martius, a viewing of Detroit City Apartments, and a dinner with executives from the Detroit area.

My favorite events were those that allowed us to explore parts of the city of Detroit. At the Midtown events, the participating interns were provided with coupons and a map of the area. After being sent off to explore, we were able to uncover many of the cool stores and restaurants Detroit has to offer. The Midtown area was filled with young people shopping, dining, and walking around. It was great to see how lively the area was.

The Campus Martius event was located right near Cohen’s Detroit office. It was right in the center of downtown activity, with a ton of high-rise business buildings and restaurants surrounding us. The Campus Martius park area is filled with food trucks at lunch time. Workers oftentimes stop by these food trucks for lunch where different and interesting food items are offered on a daily basis. Furthermore, many well-known restaurants fill the area. There were a ton of outside spaces with people eating, hanging out, and even playing cornhole in the park.

The After 5 Intern Program caused me to learn a ton more about Detroit and see the city in a new light. These events were a great way to get to know the other interns and explore exciting areas in Detroit.