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All About Atmosphere

Aug 02, 2019

Category: Wayne State University

As an accounting student I attended my first career fair this past fall. Walking into the fair I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t think I would be confident enough to really put myself out there. I began talking with the first firm, I was shaky and not able to make easy conversation with the recruiters. My conversation with the next firm went very differently; that firm was Cohen & Company. Talking with the recruiter from Cohen & Company was easy, natural, and even had me laughing at jokes. Looking back, that conversation taught me that public accounting is less about the actual accounting and more about the people you are working with and the atmosphere you are in.

From the very beginning Cohen & Company has been different. The first day of training, I walked to my seat and found a personalized note from the CEO and a welcoming staff who made me feel like I was already a part of the team.

Transitioning from training to our offices was another adjustment. We were finally being set free to work on everything we had learned in training. As expected, this was a huge learning curve but staff and learning buddies were very resourceful. They provided unwavering support and took time out of their days to help you learn. This goes to show that you are not just another intern to them, you are treated as if you are already staff and are the future of the company.

Although, as interns our positions are temporary, we are not treated that way. Each experience I have had with Cohen & Company shows how much they are willing to invest in the people that make the firm great.

You learn and grow in everything you do but you will learn and grow the most if you surround yourself with like-minded people. Cohen & Company provides this atmosphere and has helped me grow both in my professional and personal life.