Intern Blog

Anything but Traditional

Jul 20, 2021

When you think of accounting, many people often picture a typical office setting. We’ve all heard of the classic nine-to-five job. You come in by a specified time in the morning and leave the office at a designated ending time. In the meantime, you sit at your desk and work in silence. Although to some this may sound appealing, a career like this is undesirable to many.

Despite the set norm, Cohen defies the traditional office setting. Rather than mandating the work hours of employees, the firm offers flexibility. Some people prefer to begin their day early in the morning while others would rather work until later in the evening. Cohen supports your preferences! If you have another responsibility outside of work, simply communicate to your team members, and you can work around it. Additionally, the firm offers an integrated hybrid approach. Employees are able to divide their time between the office and their homes. The flexibility that Cohen extends to employees allows for your job to complement other events rather than making your entire life revolve around work.

Unlike other firms, geography doesn’t define who you are connected with. Cohen acts as one large firm rather than several smaller offices. When you’re working on an engagement, you have access to all of the firm’s powerful minds as resources. Even though I may be sitting in the Youngstown office, I work with people that are in Milwaukee, Cleveland, and other offices! Through video calls and office visits, you are able to personally connect with people throughout various locations in the firm. You aren’t limited to the people and resources within your home office; the entire firm is your network!

I chose Cohen to intern at because I heard about its community culture and dedication to the wellbeing of its employees. From the start of my internship, I have experienced this firsthand. Rather than simply expecting work to be completed, Cohen embraces an environment in which employees can collaborate, work how they desire, and enjoy their time! Cohen strives to make a career here anything but traditional.

Holly Heestand
Eastern Michigan University