Intern Blog

Aviation to Accounting

Jul 20, 2021

My story may not be the conventional one for most interns entering the accounting profession. I previously worked in aviation, travelling the world, fixing airplanes. I have since decided to switch into accounting. Cohen & Company is my first experience in the field, outside of school. Any transition is difficult and this transition has been especially difficult for myself and my family. Cohen has helped reaffirm that I made the correct decision. They have been nothing but helpful in the first 5 weeks of this new and challenging experience.

Before even starting, I went to the office to pick up equipment so I could begin working the next week. Having checked in and out of many places, I can say this was the smoothest check in process and how it should be done. There was a checklist that I had to complete, the directions were clear, everything worked, and there were several things already done for me. First impressions are everything and that left a great impression. The smooth check in allowed for me to focus on the training during the first week. Everyone is nervous in some way when beginning a new job or career. Cohen has made it as easy as possible to transition into a challenging field.

Everyone that I meet at Cohen & Company has an interesting and unique story. Cohen does not only claim to promote diversity, but truly applies it. I was immediately welcomed with open arms and treated as if I had been working there for years. Getting to know my fellow interns has been important to the overall experience. It has helped keep my nerves in check, knowing that other people are facing similar challenges and how they are overcoming them.

Cohen & Company has been implementing a hybrid work routine. This hybrid routine has allowed for flexible remote working but also face to face time in the office. Personally, this combination has made me enjoy going into the office. Instead of feeling like going to work every day is a burden, it has made me look forward to the days that I go in and seeing people that I work with. Working remote is nice as well, I don’t have to commute everyday which is saving me time and money for gas. I personally believe this combination is a great thing and I think Cohen & Company has done a wonderful job implementing and maintaining a productive atmosphere. I was worried that working at home would be difficult during an internship but due to the hybrid routine, I have been able to learn a lot and my expectations have been well surpassed.

Nicholas Haley
Stevenson University