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Basketball and Interning

Mar 30, 2022

As recent as eight months ago I did not have a reasonable plan to build my life around. I just changed majors, for a third time, to business accounting. I did not know what my future would hold, but knew I wanted something new and challenging. Two things happened to me in a short period of time, and I will discuss both in this blog.

First, a basketball coaching position became available at the high school I graduated. It was offered to me at the beginning of August. Something I did know was that I love basketball, and I accepted that coaching position on the spot. For those who do not know, basketball season starts in October and ends in early March. There is either practice or a game every day, and watching film and preparation is very critical to a team’s success. It is extremely time consuming. An internship, or any job, was not even a thought when I accepted the position. When classes resumed, I realized I should have considered the time aspect, but that leads into what happened second.

Sometime in September Lisa Metzinger, a partner in the Youngstown Office, came to talk to my class at Youngstown State. She discussed many things about Cohen, but what intrigued me the most was the flexibility to work the required hours on your own time. I started to research Cohen and other accounting firms shortly after that meeting. I then got to meet with many firms at the YSU career fair. I met many current employees for all the local accounting firms. During these conversations it was easiest to relate with the ones from Cohen. It was clear this is where I wanted to be, for many reasons.

When I began the internship at Cohen it was in the heart of basketball season. From the get-go I was busy with provisions and tax returns, and I did it around my basketball schedule. I would be the first in the office, so I could leave by 2:00 to make practice at 2:30. After practice I would hurry home to hop back online and complete my work. I was concerned at first that people might think I was not giving 100%. However, it was just the opposite and the people in the office became interested in my team and it created many conversations. I quickly learned that at Cohen people care greatly about their job, but also care greatly about having balance. My basketball team made the district final, my internship created many new mentors and friends, and it is clear I made one of my best decisions in choosing Cohen.

Matt Smoot
Youngstown State University