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The Beginning of My Internship

Feb 07, 2020

Category: Kent State University

My internship started off with the first of week of training. We went to the Crowne Plaza for the first few days of our training. I was actually caught off guard that we all got a note from the CEO. That right there showed me that I was going to be treated like a person and not so much another number.

They then taught us a lot about the company, the structure, and its culture. We also had the opportunity to learn how to enter in our time, developing goals, and HR policies. Then the last few days we were taught about the different programs that are used: Sheets, Fixed Assets, Engagement, and Axcess. It was overwhelming because we were taught a ton of information. Training has it's ups and downs and I felt stressed because I hardly could recall what was taught.

My first week in Akron really improved my confidence. My learning buddy was very helpful in answering my unending list of questions. He definitely helped me feel more comfortable with completing returns. Each of my reviewers were very patient in helping me understand what I needed to do. They were also very good at explaining the points they gave me and how to improve my work. As each week goes by I am gaining more confidence and starting to feel some more independence in my work.

I noticed the vast majority of interns felt uneasy when walking into the first week of training, and it is amazing to see how much growth we have all made since when we first started. I really feel that Cohen & Company values the hard work we put in.