Intern Blog

Best of Both Worlds

Aug 01, 2019

Yes, it is 2019 and I am referencing Hannah Montana! I believe there’s a song for just about every instance in life, and the theme song to Hannah Montana has been playing on repeat since my first day as a PCS A&A intern in Cohen & Company’s Pittsburgh office.

Before my start date, a tax senior, whom I had gotten to know through the recruitment process, reached out to see if I was interested in doing some tax work in conjunction with audit. Eager to learn as much as possible, I happily accepted his offer. Little did I know, this simple email in early May would drastically change the path my internship would forge.

The first several weeks of my time at Cohen & Company were filled with tax reconciliations, federal trial balances, Axcess entries, and INFINITE questions. Every single person on the tax team is so helpful and great at explaining everything from the straightforward tasks to the complex issues. I enjoyed getting to know the team during Tax Lunch n’ Learns and sharing a bench with two dedicated tax lovers.

By the beginning of July, I was transitioning into Audit work. I was out doing inventory counts and conducting fieldwork for EBPs with teams from all different offices. I loved interacting with various clients and seeing what innovative products and services they provide for their markets. Although there was an additional learning curve that came along with the new type of work, it was equally as satisfying when problems were solved and numbers tied out.

Whether it was with the tax or audit team, every person I worked with cultivated an office atmosphere that fostered a sense of security despite my lack of accounting knowledge. Everyone from Staff to Partner was so receptive of my questions and wanted to see me succeed in my work. Their sense of humor is what made Mondays feel less like a Monday and office happy hours a can’t-miss event.

When my end date rolls around, I will be sad to leave behind my bench seat and office view but will take the memories I’ve made with my coworkers this summer and cherish them forever.

For all you future interns out there, I shall leave you with one piece of advice. Do not be afraid to ask for various opportunities in the firm. That is one of the benefits of interning in a smaller office, even within a larger firm. You have the unique opportunity to expand your knowledge base across several service lines, and it would be wise to take full advantage of that. Just as Hannah Montana says, “Mix it all together and you know that it’s the best of both worlds.”