Intern Blog

Big City Dreams

Jul 06, 2018

Having grown up on Long Island and watching so many people commute into New York City every day for work it has always been my dream to join them. That dream has become a reality this summer during my internship with Cohen & Company! Throughout my internship I have already experienced a lot of different and exciting things, beginning with a busy week of training in Cleveland. It was fun to spend a few days in a new city and having the opportunity to meet all of the employees and interns in different offices! The time I spent in Cleveland really helped me match names with faces and voices of everyone who I would be asking questions to and who would be reviewing my work as well as the other members of my intern class. Training was a great place to start my internship by learning the software and gaining a more thorough understanding of the Investment Industry division.
After returning back from Cleveland I took the Long Island Rail Road into the city and officially joined all of the commuters! During the first few days I worked on things similar to what I had done in training but I was quickly given new and more challenging assignments. In doing this I think the firm gives its interns, like me, amazing opportunities to explore all different parts of the company and see different types of work that they could receive as a member of the staff!  Everyone has been so helpful and understanding with all of my questions. The other members of the New York office seem to really trust me with the work I am being given even though I’m just an intern which is really encouraging. I am also really enjoying getting to know everyone in my office by getting lunch with them or going to after works outings together.
I have found it very comforting that our office is on the smaller side because it has allowed me to really get to know everyone. It’s also nice because New York can be very overwhelming but Cohen & Company is a very personal company and it has made me a lot more comfortable with working in the city and beginning my career as a professional.
I am excited to see what the remainder of my internship holds and what else I can learn and experience with the firm! I have already learned so much about public accounting and the investment industry and can’t wait to see what the remainder of my internship holds!