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Building Knowledge and Friendships around the Office

Jul 24, 2019

Category: Michigan State University

I can already say that my Cohen & Company internship experience has far exceeded my expectations.  Every person that I’ve met and interacted with has been so willing to help me whenever I’ve had unanswered questions or teach me more about a topic I was struggling with.  I’ve had interactions with people on both the audit and tax side which is a rare experience as an accounting intern.  Being able to work at both the Detroit and St. Clair Shores offices for reasons like helping around the office or specialty projects has given me the opportunity to meet two intelligent and friendly groups of people.  These interactions have grown my relationship with Cohen & Company as a whole and have improved my professionalism and business etiquette for future employment.

I have gained an endless amount of knowledge about tax laws and regulations throughout this work experience that I’ve never thought possible.  For my experience, I was a little nervous before starting my tax internship because I had little to no tax knowledge.  I had never taken a tax class previously so I really didn’t know what to expect.  For example, I didn’t even know what a 1040 or an 1120S was before starting at Cohen & Company.  This just shows the amount of exposure and variety of returns a firm like Cohen & Company has to offer.  I am very thankful that Cohen & Company has given me the opportunity to build my education and awareness about the tax world for future tax classes at Michigan State and overall tax experiences for the world to come.

Lastly, I found the internship process to be very unique and interaction driven.  Looking back on the week of training we had, I really liked how the events were set up and how all the interns had the opportunity to meet each other and the partners of the firm.  After the first day of training and the first happy hour, you could tell right away that all of the interns were comfortable and settled in.  It was a very cool experience for me, being able to stay in a city like Cleveland, Ohio for the week. I got the opportunity to make many new important connections with people working all around the country.

In conclusion, Cohen & Company has a fantastic work environment and company culture that I am grateful to be able to have experienced.  This is a place that is very welcoming to new staff and interns and that I, personally, felt very comfortable working at. I hope that one day, all possible accounting interns are able to experience the culture of Cohen & Company for themselves.