Intern Blog

Building Relationships & Getting Involved

Apr 07, 2022

                I had no idea what to expect when entering into this internship. I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could and gain the experience I needed to continue my career building journey. I couldn’t have foreseen the relationships I’ve built or the variety of experiences that I’ve obtained.
               Throughout my time here at Cohen, I have met amazing people, participated in fun and inclusive events, and even planned an event for interns and Learning Buddies. I have had incredible mentors and teachers throughout my entire internship and I haven’t met a single person that is not willing to help. With all of this at play, I have no doubt that this internship was a major stepping stone in my life.
               Starting out with training, I spoke and bonded with many of the other interns; we were all in the same boat starting out. Training was a great way for us all to connect and learn together. As we all broke off and began working in our separate pods, I began to connect with more of the staff. They are all incredibly welcoming and helpful and they talked me through any questions I had. I bonded with many of the staff and managers that I worked with which helped a ton later on in my internship. If I had a question, I had plenty of people to ask and if they didn’t know the answer to something, they were able to direct me to somebody who could. Building on these relationships with the staff, managers, and my Learning Buddy was essential to my success at this company.
               Here’s a piece of advice; even if there aren’t daily conversations with new people, reach out to people. Everyone is so open and willing to talk with you. I reached out to the elected CEO of the company, Chris Bellamy, and even he took time out of his busy schedule to meet with me one-on-one! Cohen & Company houses the kindest and most inclusive environment that I’ve ever seen in a company. They have lunches and happy hours for everyone to join, they have events for everyone to get involved with, and they encourage giving back to the community with volunteer events. These are just a few ways to get involved, and they are always helpful in getting connected!
               Even during such a stressful time of the year as busy season, everyone is patient and kind; there’s no better combination for the opportunity to make connections and build relationships. It’s clear to me that this internship helped me in so many more ways than just as an asset to the college experience. I’ve made friends and gained experience that I could not have gotten anywhere else and I intend to continue building on all that Cohen has offered me in this short time.

Regena Yoder

Kent State University