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Busy Season in Detroit

Mar 22, 2018

Category: Wayne State University

As an intern entering the infamous “busy season,” I was nervous for what was about to come. I imagined extremely long hours, no work-life balance, constant pressure to get things done, and for others around me to be too busy to help. I am glad to say that this is actually far from the reality. My experience with Cohen & Company has far surpassed my expectations.

Some days are longer than others, but there was never a time where there wasn’t a good balance. Although deadlines are important and should be met, the team at Cohen & Company is extremely understanding and willing to work with you – especially on your first few assignments. From staff to partner, everyone is always willing to help you when you are stuck. This is why it is extremely important to ask questions. During your first few weeks, there may be a steep learning curve with all of the new information, but everyone is aware that you may not know everything. At the beginning, when I was asking a lot of questions, I felt like a bother. However, I was reassured by the staff that they are always more than willing to help out. They would rather you ask questions and learn than just remain stuck or “spinning your wheels,” as the firm likes to say. Just remember, when you ask questions, pay attention to what they are telling you because it is important to not ask the same questions over and over again. Between my learning buddy and all of the other helpful staff, I had plenty of resources for whenever I was puzzled.

I stayed quite busy throughout my internship, but there was also time for fun. In the Detroit office, we played ping pong, darts, and even had a putting green always available so that we could take a mental break at times. Even when you are at your desk, your coworkers often strike-up good conversations, work-related or not, to keep the day going. Also, unlike other firms that tend to be more hierarchical, Cohen & Company is completely open-door. As an intern, I was able to walk directly into a partner’s office to either ask for help or just give a quick hello, which speaks volumes about the culture here at Cohen & Company.

Overall, my experience with Cohen & Company has far surpassed what I originally expected. This was an amazing internship, and a great start to a career in public accounting.