Intern Blog

Busy Season Tips and Tricks

Mar 08, 2021

From the first day of training week, I knew that Cohen and Company would provide an immersive and challenging internship experience, even though everyone would be working remotely. I was excited to meet the new intern class and the team I’d be working with to dive into the new challenging projects and tasks I would work on. Even though I have never interned at a public accounting firm or worked through busy season before, I jumped in headfirst. During training week, the learning and development team prepared me for everything I should expect and key pointers I should know. Here are my top 4 tips and tricks I have learned that have helped me tackle my first busy season internship:

1)    Ask Questions
The staff and seniors on the client you are working on are here to help and mentor you!  If they assign you something that you can’t figure out, never be afraid to ask for help. In my experience so far, everyone has been more than willing to help and explain anything I needed to understand.
2)    Take Notes
Keep a pen and notebook handy by your desk and whenever you are in a meeting with your team. Often, you are given a lot of information at once, and if you don’t write down the steps of your tasks, it will be so much harder to remember. Having a guide of notes to use as a resource, you can see all the different projects you’ve worked on and how to do them!
3)    Make New Connections
It is so helpful to know a few people, whether it’s your learning buddy, other interns, or staff and seniors in your office location. Reach out to them as another resource if you have questions or want to catch up on something.
4)    Take Breaks
It can be tiresome to stare at the computer screens for 9 hours straight. Take breaks and go on short walks to give yourself a break every so often.

Using these tips and tricks has helped me tremendously throughout my internship and has made the experience so enjoyable!