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Busy Season Workload

Apr 15, 2017

Category: Wayne State University

Internships are there to introduce you to a firm in the tax world, especially in the midst of busy season. During my internship, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge from the people I worked with. From my first day in the office, everyone was extremely nice enough to come up to me and introduce themselves and what they do with the firm. It was highly appreciated and was welcomed with open arms. I had a great feeling this internship would be great. I have worked with many people, from other interns to my learning buddies to partners. Whenever I needed a hand, everyone was there to help. Any time I had a question, others would make time to give a helping hand, even if they were busy. Surrounding yourself with selfless people here in the office was truly amazing. Other than the amazing people that I had a great time to work with, our workload was a plus.

Unlike what everyone expects coming into busy season, the workload wasn't overwhelming. We all thought we would be working such crazy hours with an extremely heavy workload. With Cohen, that was not the case. Our workload was always an ideal amount. I was able to stay up to date on my projects, and always updated the overseers on where I am with the project. I was not pressured during busy season, and I believe I worked in a good pace to get things done and out the door.

This internship experience was everything an intern can ask for. From the people I have met on the first day, to the people I have worked with my whole internship, to the end of the internship, I had a great time with an amazing firm. To future interns, you will receive everything you wanted in a firm with Cohen & Company. Do not be shy, and be ready to ask questions. Cohen & Company is an amazing firm to work with and something to look forward to!