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Calm in the Chaos

Apr 02, 2020

Category: John Carroll University

With my internship coming to an end soon, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my experience at Cohen & Company. Looking back at my first day, I was nervous because there was a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty can be scary, but with uncertainty there’s always an opportunity to learn some new things. I knew close to nothing about the Investment Tax industry before this internship, but the senior staff accountants and managers really went an extra mile to help me understand everything I was given to do and the expectations that came along with it. I was confused on a lot of it, but there was always someone around willing to answer any questions on I had on the engagements. Eventually, a lot of the things I had questions about became second nature for me, and I started to become more productive in my role.

However, the whole world was thrown a curve ball with this COVID-19 pandemic causing chaos to everyone’s lives. This effected my work life, because the firm realized the importance to implement social distancing and have us work from home. From not being able to see my friends in person to not being able to watch any sports games, almost everything in my life was changing. However, the firm was one of the only constant thing in my life. The firm was completely prepared for this kind of pandemic, and at home it just felt like another day at the office. Upper management kept on preaching the importance of over communicating, and that is exactly what we did. I was always in constant communication with my reviewers and coworkers.

Although the pandemic changed the dynamics of the internship, I still was able to have a few key takeaways from my experience. First is all of the knowledge I gained in the tax industry. It will be beneficial to my continual growth in the accounting field. Next, all of the connections I made. From partner to other interns, I had a lot of opportunities to discuss my experience as well as theirs. Finally, how great a company like Cohen & Company is to get started in a career in accounting.  They really guided my transition into the tax industry with having a lot of great people around looking to help me grow. This is an experience that I will always reflect on because it introduced me to my future career.