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Can't Imagine

Feb 18, 2020

Category: Youngstown State University

When I was in high school, I couldn’t imagine myself as an accountant. When I began my first year at Youngstown State University, I had never even heard of a balance sheet. On my first full day of work at Cohen & Company, I couldn’t imagine being able to fully understand the work I was assigned. It's funny (and a bit scary) how quickly things can change and grow. Now about five weeks into my internship and I cannot believe how much my fellow interns and I have grown already. So I decided that this is what my blog should be about.

When I began my first semester at Youngstown State University, I was dead set on a Marketing degree. My plan was to get through college as quickly as possible and get into the workplace to start establishing a career and start making money. It is safe to say that this plan was short-lived. When I finally declared my major, I found that the marketing classes weren’t what I had expected at all. Instead, it was my accounting classes that I was really enjoying. It took only a semester of marketing classes for me to switch my major to accounting officially. After a short time as a declared accounting major, I began searching for internships at various career fairs and events. Youngstown State University does an excellent job linking students with potential employers and the possibilities opened to me through them were near endless. But I didn’t want to intern for any old accounting firm, I wanted to go somewhere special that would value me as much as I valued the opportunity. Of all the firms and companies I spoke with, there was one firm in particular that clearly stood out to me; Cohen & Company.

Here I am today, officially a Cohen & Company intern working in tax. Although it can be rough starting at the bottom, this new role provides me with an enormous opportunity to learn and grow. On my first day at the firm, I couldn’t imagine the time it would take to learn this new work or reach the level of understanding that staff have achieved. But after interacting with some of the firm's many talented staff members, I found that most (if not all) were in the same position that the other interns and I am in today.

Although I have not been at Cohen & Company very long, I can already feel myself growing immensely. I can also see it in my fellow interns as we work with each other and help each other with various tasks, but I can really see it at the senior and manager level. The growth of the employees is not only apparent in their knowledge and technical skills, but also in the way they interact with each other, act professionally, and act in the community. In five short weeks, I have been fortunate enough to attend a multitude of events ranging from alumni socials to team-building and business development events. All of which I have seen an unmatched level of professionalism and networking that I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work at Cohen & Company and be a part of this unimaginable growth. If I am lucky enough to continue to work with the firm after my internship, I can’t imagine where I could be in just a few years.