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Client Visit

Jun 21, 2018

Category: Ohio University

At just three weeks into my internship with Cohen & Company, I was given the opportunity to travel to a client in Virginia for a SOC1 Report (Service Organization Controls Report) with two other Cohen staff. We were in Virginia at the client for about 3 days where we completed several inquiries and observations of the clients’ procedures.
Before leaving for the trip, I was very excited and also very nervous. I hadn’t really worked with the two staff I was traveling with, and I wasn’t too familiar with what the job entailed in Virginia. I was also the first intern in my class to travel to a client. From the second I got to Virginia with the staff these nerves quickly went away, and the excitement only grew stronger.
While in Virginia, I was able to build strong relationships with not only the Cohen staff, but with the client as well.  I was able to ask any questions I had to the Client/Cohen staff while on the job. We also went out to lunch with the client where we were able to get to know them a little better.
All in all, an internship at Cohen isn’t like other internships. As interns we are given real work, and are treated the exact same as the staff. I’ve learned so much and more than I expected about accounting and the work. Overall this experience has taught me that as an accountant, I need to be comfortable and confident when traveling and speaking with clients. This experience also confirmed my thoughts on if I was offered a position here at Cohen, there is no doubt in my mind I would accept it. I’m looking forward to what the last six weeks of my internship at Cohen brings me.