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Cohen & Company Internship: Developing Professionally, Personally, and Making a Bigger Impact

Aug 01, 2019

Category: Ohio University

I have had the golden opportunity this summer to be a part of the team here at Cohen & Company. I am the first data analytics intern and have been working closely alongside a Senior Manager and Manager throughout the summer. Now when people talk about being busy, as an intern, one would think about running to get coffee, faxing or printing papers, or doing meticulous tasks…Not at this firm. I have been able to see the difference I have made in the strides toward a more data efficient firm. I have learned more about what accounting really is and what an accountant does on the day to day, objectively.

This opportunity has pushed me to learn more about various applications in Microsoft and coding languages. I have broadened my accounting terminology and established a multitude of relationships with different people of different titles inside the company. The people at Cohen & Company make me feel like I matter, that I can make a difference, and that I can do amazing things for this company!

I am passionate about being involved with companies or organizations that give back to the community and that is exactly what Cohen & Company does. As seen above, a large group of interns organized a community service event at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. We were able to take time out of our day to go and help this amazing organization put food on the table for thousands and thousands of people. Now it was very fun to be able to work with the interns with a different mindset, build up the community around us. We had many laughs walking single file line through the large warehouse, working side by side and sharing conversations and establishing deeper relationships.

This is the type of internship that I never imagined growing up. I never expected to be able to do something that I loved and also participate in activities with the company that I am passionate about as well. If you are looking for an internship that is going to challenge you to develop yourself professionally and personally while enjoying the things you are passionate about, I highly recommend Cohen & Company.