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Cohen Culture

Apr 08, 2022

                 Coming into Cohen I had no idea what to expect or what was going to happen. All I knew was that I wanted to dive the Cohen culture as much as I could. On top of diving into the culture I wanted to make as many connections inside of Cohen as one could. With my internship coming to an end, I wanted to talk about how my two “goals” went.
First, Cohen provides many opportunities to build a unique culture. They do that through a variety of different ways a couple being happy hours, Cohen Cares events and other miscellaneous parties or events we have. Being an intern, I feel that it is important to get involved with as many out of office events as possible so you can build relationships with people other than just work relationships. One of my favorite events that I took part of was the Cohen Cares event because it was good to help and give back those who are in need. It also served as a good time to get to know the other interns out of the office. It was a good symbol of the culture they have built here at Cohen, good people and giving back to the community.
                With my last goal being to grow my network, Cohen provided me with the opportunity to work under different people witch really helped me grow my network. It also helped me grow as a professional because I saw how different people handle different situations. The culture here at Cohen makes it easy to build your network as well. We had a fun day at Top Golf with the SALT pod. It was a great chance to meet most of the pod in person. Being a firm in several different states it is important to get to have a day to meet with your coworkers instead of on web-ex.
                I have enjoyed my time here at Cohen and learned quite a lot about the industry of accounting. Cohen provided a great start to my professional career and showed me that I can truly see myself as an accountant!

Stone Elias
Youngstown State University