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Comfort is Key

Jan 30, 2018

Category: Youngstown State University

For most college students seeking an internship could be a very uncertain task. Most students, including myself, felt very anxious when it came to career day. There were several firms to inquire and network with, but which one would be the right to choose?

After speaking with several firms, I felt awkward at times. Many firms didn't feel approachable or personable. Fortunately, with Cohen, I did not feel this sense of discomfort. They were very open and welcoming, which was refreshing. After my invitation to interview at the Round Robbins, I understood the organization’s culture. Everyone was excited to meet the new speculative interns, willing to go out of their way and treat you on a personal level.  I had been to several interviews before, and my interview at Cohen & Company was the most positive experience.

After being hired, I noticed how quick the company was to welcome the interns to their organization. We were invited to several social events such as, the Indians game, going to Whirlyball, dinners, etc. I really enjoy that the company knows how to have good time while maintaining their professionalism. It’s only the start of my professional career and I have a lot more to experience. I know everything won’t be smooth sailing, but being with a supportive organization like Cohen will make it worth the ride.