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Complete Cohen & Company Internship Guide

Jul 18, 2019

Category: Ohio University

My internship at Cohen & Company has been a lot of firsts for me. First time working in an office, first experience with tax, and first time being downtown every day. These three things can be a bit scary and overwhelming at first, but after a bit of time at Cohen & Company, I love all three.

All of my previous jobs before this were much different than an office setting. I worked at a bakery, construction sites, and a bar. My only experience with an office was watching the hit TV show, “The Office.” Obviously working at this firm is nothing like that, but there are some similarities that I found. For example, everyone at Cohen & Company is friendly and willing to meet new people. I remember coming in for interviews and being greeted by several people in the lobby and thought that was just for show. However, it continued once I settled in to my internship. Even when you do not know someone here, there is no anxiety about going up to them and asking them a question because the culture is great.

For most people, the first thing they think of when they think of accounting is taxes. When I found out my internship would be one with the Private Company Services Tax department, I was excited and confused. I was excited to finally have some real world experience in the subject I have been studying for two years, but confused because I did not know if real accounting would be the same as it is in the classroom. My confusion cleared up quickly after some time with the tax department. Ohio University did a great job preparing me for this and everyone in the tax department is great with answering questions. I have never asked someone a question without getting an answer or being told who would have that answer.

Cleveland is a city that seems to have a whole new connotation compared to 10 years ago. The Flats are back, are sports teams are great, and it seems every year there is some huge event here. The RNC, MLB all-star game, NFL draft, the list goes on. Cohen & Company is right there in downtown with a great office in Playhouse Square. The company wants you to experience downtown. They treat us to happy hours, lunches, and events in the city. Working or living in a big city can be stressful, but when your company lets you experience all the great things about the city, the stress disappears.

The Cohen & Company experience goes far beyond accounting. That is my favorite part about the company and internship!