Intern Blog

Desk Dressed for Success

Feb 11, 2021

I know everyone knows about dressing for success. They don’t talk as much about your desk being dressed for success. It is just as important for your desk to look good to make you feel good. A cluttered desk makes you feel disorganized and uncomfortable like you’re wearing the wrong outfit to a meeting. If it is organized and you know where everything is at, you are more productive. Working from home, it is hard for me to not get distracted. I feel that the more things you have on your desk, the more you can become distracted.

Now let’s talk about what I have on my desk. The most important thing to me that is on my desk besides the computer is small but mighty, a notepad and pen. At Cohen, it is very important to write down and keep track of the time that you spent working. I also use it to write down reminders and notes that I need to know. The next item on my desk I want to talk about is my air pods. I don’t know about you, but I can’t work in complete silence. That is when I start to find things to distract myself (like looking in the refrigerator 5 time or refilling my half full cup of coffee). The music keeps me on track and working consistently. I know some people get distracted when they listen to songs that have words. To that problem, I would say listen to classical or instrumental music. The last thing on my desk I want to talk about is my candle. I feel more productive when my workspace looks good and smells good. It appeals to your senses and in my case, it uplifts my mood. It puts me in a better mindset to work. When working from home, your desk is your office. It is important to personalize it, so you enjoy working at it and so it holds all the necessary tools for success!