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Before, During and After!

Feb 20, 2018

Category: Stevenson University

My internship with Cohen & Company is a little far from the ordinary.  I have been part of the Baltimore team before the merger (Arthur Bell), during the merger, and after the merger, and I can confidently say that I have been happy with my experience through each and every part.  It has been an exciting process watching the two similar firms combine to create more expansion and leverage in the industry and I feel as though, through all of this, I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. 

My internship in the tax department has given me exposure in a variety of different areas such as individual, operating, and funds.  When most people hear the word “internship”, the stereotypical running around getting people coffee or making copies all day seems to be the activities that come to mind; however, that is certainly not the case at Cohen & Company.  Cohen has allowed me to take on a great deal of responsibility, learning and developing professional and industry knowledge and expertise.  I feel knowledgeable and ready to take on what is waiting for me upon graduation due to the amount of experience gained at the firm.

In addition to gaining more experience and knowledge, Cohen & Company has offered many social events and opportunities to get to know my colleagues all while having a fun, entertaining time.  It has been enjoyable working at a firm where the social aspect and team bonding is just as important.  The events such as the crab feast, holiday party, after tax celebration, has connected me to a variety of people that I work with and I feel like I belong here.  I am so thankful for my internship at Cohen & Company because I feel like more than just another intern, I feel part of a team.