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Expectations v. Reality

Apr 01, 2017

Category: University of Dayton

When I started my internship in January, I had no idea what to expect for the upcoming months. Would I like the people? Did I make the right decision taking a semester off of school? It did not take long for me to answer yes to both of those questions. Although the first week of training is overwhelming with the amount of information presented was me, I knew that I had made the right decision due to the staff. They were welcoming from the start and made me feel like I had been working here for years with them. Once the week of training was over, it was time to officially start applying what we learned from training to the job. The work I have completed throughout my time at Cohen & Company has been meaningful work that has an impact on the engagement. They have challenged me with tasks they have given me but it has been an amazing learning experience.

My advice that I would give to future interns is to continuously ask questions at the start when you are stuck. The staff here is fantastic and will answer your question in the best way that you can understand. With the questions, make sure you write down the answers and keep track of them as you might have the same question again. Lastly, get to know your coworkers. Whether it is just saying hi while getting coffee or any attending event that Cohen has put together, do your best converse with the people there and get to know everyone. Cohen does a great job from the start of getting the interns together and introducing them to management and other employees but it also your job to introduce yourself to them. 

The past few months have been an unforgettable experience at Cohen & Company. It has been a place where I want to see and talk to everyone every day. People are always looking out for your best interest whether it be on your engagement, preparing for the CPA exam, or anything else.