Intern Blog

Experiencing the Cohen Culture

Jul 20, 2021

As I’m now at the halfway point in my tax internship here at Cohen, I’ve honestly forgotten that I even am an intern! I’ve come to realize that job title labels only matter in meeting introductions and in email signatures, because I could be speaking with a Partner of the firm, but the conversation is so casual and not just related to work that it really feels like I’m speaking to someone familiar and knowing so much about their life. Being a part of the Cohen culture, even if only for the summer working part-time, has made me feel like I’m already a full-time staff member.

Whether I’m at the office in Hunt Valley or working out of my apartment, I always feel connected to what’s happening across the entire firm. This feeling of inclusion, like I truly belong here, was one of my biggest expectations and hopes coming into this internship, because admittedly, I was experiencing a lot of imposter syndrome the week before starting. Spoiler alert: This company and this home office specifically, has more than exceeded those expectations so far! Not only is this my first ever official internship in a professional setting, but also my first official public accounting internship, and all I really had to show in terms of experience were two basic Accounting courses under my belt at Loyola. So naturally, getting started here seemed pretty nerve-wracking, because I had no idea just how much work goes into preparing just one tax return.

The reality though? It only took the first week of training for my imposter syndrome to go away. I absolutely enjoy coming to the office every chance I get and working alongside some of the brightest minds and friendliest faces in the field, as well as the other tax and audit interns there, some of whom I’ve already become good friends with! We all know how to balance our hard work with equally good fun and relaxation, for example, perhaps the biggest takeaway from my article to future interns is this: NEVER SAY NO IF A SENIOR OR MANAGER INVITES YOU TO GO OUT TO LUNCH WITH THE REST OF THE TAX OR AUDIT TEAM! Not only do you have the opportunity at a free (and probably very delicious) meal, but this is also the easiest way to start building long-lasting relationships with the other people at your home office. It also really beats eating alone at your desk too! On Mondays, I and another intern spend our lunch break playing Ping Pong in the game room while talking about just about anything. It’s a very relaxing and fun hour outside of the work bubble, and there are no shortages of creative ideas or things to do while at the office.

I also have no shortage of praise for Cohen and the exceptional people working there who make the company culture so unique and rewarding. I knew from the moment that I had my first online interview with Cohen that this place was a perfect fit for me and my professional, as well as personal goals. This internship gives you all the tools you need to succeed, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to take the initiative and use those tools.

Jess Clancy, Loyola University Maryland