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Experiencing New Things with New People

Jun 14, 2019

Category: Marquette University

Going into a new experience can sometimes be intimidating, especially when you don’t know the people you will be with. Thankfully, the five interns from the Milwaukee office managed to find each other before ever leaving the airport in Milwaukee. When training started, we already had a little group that could go to lunch and dinner together, which quickly began to grow as interns from other offices joined in. In between training, we got an opportunity to explore Cleveland, taking the opportunity to try out new restaurants and even making it to a Cleveland Indians game.

As we now settle into the office in Milwaukee, we continue to experience new things, now with projects and clients. What could be an even more intimidating experience has been made easier as we work together to solve problems, even if we are working on different projects. I could not be happier to be going through these new experiences with the other Milwaukee interns and look forward to everything that is to come, whether in the office or while exploring Milwaukee.