Intern Blog

Feeling More Confident

Jul 19, 2019

Prior to starting my internship, there were many things I was worried about. I was nervous that I’d get left behind due to my lack of job experience in my field. Additionally, I was worried about adjusting to the culture of working in an office setting. But all these troubles went away shortly after beginning my internship at Cohen & Company. Although I entered the doors a nervous wreck, I can now say that I feel more confident in my skills, ability, and myself than I ever have.

Working in the IT department amongst a diverse group of people has been an absolute pleasure. Everyone brings different skills and specializations to the table which makes the group stronger as a whole. I believe the variance in knowledge amongst the people in the IT department has allowed me to learn more than I thought I previously would. From my co-workers, I’ve learned aspects of coding, networking, information security, and PC support. From all these experiences, I believe I’ve expanded my knowledge of my field, as well as applying topics I learned in the classroom to real-life.

In addition to increasing my technical skills, I’ve also vastly improved my networking and communication skills. With my position in the End User Technology department, I have the privilege of working with people of every skill level, in every department, of every office. Namely, I’ve had the opportunities to work closely with some of the firm’s partners and officers. Seeing how accessible and friendly everyone in the firm is, including the partners and senior leadership, has contributed to the warm and welcoming culture. The same goes for the people I’ve had the pleasure of working side-by-side within the IT department. They’ve treated me as one of their own and they even let me play ping pong with them at lunch!  As a whole, my internship at Cohen & Company has increased my knowledge of information systems and technology, and has reinvigorated my desire to learn more about my field.