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First Attempt In Learning

Mar 06, 2020

Category: Kent State University

POV: You’re an 18 year old walking into Cohen & Company Leadership Day. You are surrounded by professionals and are slightly overwhelmed. The informal interviews go great, and you find yourself staring a hole through your phone, hoping for an internship offer. Two days later, on your work break, you get the call. (This is a story about me, if you can’t tell!)


Walking in to my first day of training in Cleveland, I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I was about to have a lot of life changes. Starting January 6, 2020, I could no longer sleep until noon and watch Netflix all day. The adult life I always dreamed of was finally here. By the end of training, my brain was mashed potatoes.

The first day at my home office was such a refreshing feeling. However, I had no idea what this internship really had in store for me. I didn’t know up from down and all of the different software became jumbled up in my head. My learning buddy walked me through my first return, then let me start preparing returns on my own. I asked numerous questions along the way.

I got put on an engagement which I knew would take weeks. With each return that I completed, I could feel myself getting ahold of the software. I made many mistakes, and getting feedback that I did the same thing wrong on many returns was very defeating and I felt like I was failing.. until I remembered: Failing is a First Attempt In Learning. Since I realized that, I find myself even more motivated to go to work and learn from my mistakes. I see everyday as a challenge I am going to win.

Everyone at Cohen & Company is more than willing to help when I make mistakes and give me honest words of encouragement when I need them. Looking back, I do not recognize the person I was when I started the internship. I reflect on my accomplishments a lot and realize that it is important to celebrate the little things in life. This does not mean I don’t ask questions, it just means that two months into the internship, my questions are more detailed and specific.