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First Week Down!

Jun 14, 2019

Category: University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

For many Cohen & Company interns, this is our first internship in public accounting. The first official week on the job has been a combination of overwhelming, exciting, difficult, and successful. It is empowering to look back just 5 days and see how much we’ve learned already.

As an Investment Industry Services (IIS) Tax intern, I’ve spent time this week starting (and finishing!) my first tax provision for an audit client, completing a year-end 1120-RIC tax return, and beginning work on a basis calculation project. So far I’ve interacted with mutual funds and ETFs, working to understand ROCSOP adjustments, tax equalization, and redemption in-kind reversals. These are complicated topics that are not typically covered in accounting coursework, and getting hands-on experience with them has really helped me gain a better understanding of transactions and planning strategies related to investment industry entities.

In addition to the experience I’ve gained in the office, I’ve also had a wonderful time connecting with and getting to know the Milwaukee team outside of the office. On Tuesday nights, we play volleyball at Bradford Beach. It was a great way to unwind after a bit of a hectic day and enjoy a gorgeous June evening on the lake.

On Friday, the interns and their Learning Buddies went out to lunch at The Wicked Hop, one of many great restaurants surrounding the office in Milwaukee’s Third Ward neighborhood. Learning Buddies are an awesome resource to interns because they provide so much guidance from technical experience, to time saving tips, to general insight on a career in public accounting. Even after a short week here, I feel welcome and integrated into the office culture.

I can’t wait to spend the summer continuing to learn as much as possible about IIS Tax and get a glimpse into a career in public accounting.