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Forging Relationships

Apr 12, 2019

Category: Loyola University Maryland

Within the first two weeks of my internship, that Partners of the firm invited all the interns out for a “New Hire” dinner. It was a nice experience that removed some of the intimidation between the interns and partners. I saw the friendly side of upper management and from that came the confidence to get to know the others around me. If the partners of the firm are that nice to the “lowly” intern, then the rest of the staff must be as well. It came to no surprise that anyone I struck up a conversation with was friendly and welcoming. I realized from that dinner with the partners that everyone here wants to see their colleagues succeed. Not only is it good for the individual but any success the firm has can spread out to the benefit of all. This perspective on my work made it that much easier to ask for support when I needed it.

I also was given some useful advice at that dinner. One partner told me to get to know those in the office as much as I can. I chalked that up to a simple benefit of networking for my future career. It ended up helping more than expected. The relations I formed early during this internship not only made the experience here that much more enjoyable but also made it incredibly easier when it came to reaching out for help for more than just work assignments. I met people that went to my school and gave me advice on how to approach exams from shared professors. I was unfamiliar with the area around me and was given some good places to eat for lunch or dinner. I knew from the beginning that anyone in the office would be willing to assist me with my work in any way they can. What I did not expect was their willingness to give advice on life outside the office as well. Working at Cohen & Company was more beneficial and downright fun for me than I ever could have imagined. I encourage everyone to follow the same advice given to me and forge relationships as early as possible. Do this not only for the extra support for work but for anything outside of it as well.