Intern Blog

Four Weeks and (Ac)Counting

Jan 29, 2021

When someone asks you “What are you studying in college?”, if you are reading this, you will most likely respond with “Accounting.” This answer could yield a few different responses, one being, “Wow, you must be really good with numbers” - which we all enjoy hearing, even though this is not really the reason we picked accounting. But then there is the other response that makes all extroverts uncomfortable, “Do you really want to be working by yourself all the time?” While during these challenging times, I might be physically sitting in my bedroom, or an office that is rather quiet, but here at Cohen & Company, I have felt extremely connected during these very unconnected times. Unlike online classes, everyone here will turn on their cameras during meetings. Covid-19 has affected everyone in many different ways, but here at Cohen, they have done everything possible for their employees to feel some sort of normalcy and to stay connected while working from home. This includes; learning buddy lunches, tax lunches, and people reaching out to just check up on you and make sure that everything is going okay. Everyone talks about the strong culture here at Cohen and that culture is still very much alive even through WebEx meetings.

I feel that there is a very big common goal here at Cohen & Co. but you don’t hear people talk about it too much- although it is very easy to pick up on from the start. It is that they want you to learn as much information and ask as many questions as possible. Everyone here wants to help you learn and grow as an individual and a professional. With the technology that is in place, it is very easy to reach out to co-workers to ask questions or receive directions on what is next. All the staff know that this is most likely your first time seeing this type of information out of the classroom, so questions are always encouraged. From my few weeks of experience, I have found that no question is dumb, and all questions are highly valued. I have also found that it is very beneficial to write down a few questions and ask them all at once, being that it is busy season and everyone has a lot going on. A good resource is your fellow interns. I have found that it is beneficial to run some questions by them that may have been covered in training, but you may have forgotten. Sometimes it is just nice to reach out just to see how their day is going.

The one thing that I will stress is that there is a big learning curve. There is a lot of information that is placed in front of you during training. It might seem intimidating, but I will promise you that once you actually start working on clients, everything will start to come together. In school at Youngstown State University, I was taught a bunch of very important accounting principles. I like to think of those principles as if they were puzzle pieces, and just four weeks into my internship here at Cohen, they have started putting all those puzzle pieces together.

P.S. Change your background on your computer monitors to something you enjoy outside of the workplace!