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Fun Opportunities

Jun 21, 2018

Category: University of Wisconsin-Madison

It has only been three weeks since I started my internship with Cohen & Company in the Investment Industry Service in the Milwaukee Office, and I can already tell it is going to be a summer full of great experiences. The work I have been able to perform so far has been engaging, forcing me to think on my feet and connect with my supervisors with thoughts and questions. I have enjoyed coming to work every day knowing I will be busy and having the opportunity to learn.

However, the work opportunity is only one aspect of this internship that has stood out to me so far. The opportunities Cohen & Company has already set me up with outside of work, and the people I have met in the process, have been awesome. This experience can be shown through a tour of Milwaukee that Cohen set the other interns and I up with a couple weeks after we started working.

The tour was on Saturday and three other interns and I in the Milwaukee office made our way to the meeting spot for the tour. We arrived thinking it would be your average tour of the City of Milwaukee. Maybe we’d get taken to the lakefront or be shown where the most popular restaurants were downtown. Well, this wasn’t the case. When we got into a school bus to start the tour, we started heading in the exact opposite direction of the city. I was a little confused where we could be headed, but figured it would be some place I already knew. I was wrong. We got out somewhere in North Milwaukee where an old but fancy looking building stood. We were taken inside and were told it used to be where the old city courthouse used to be. Now, it was home to a new performing arts group trying to bring the art culture back to the surrounding area.

We were taken to multiple other unique places that day, including an old pie shop, a park in the middle of a neighborhood where we were taught the basics of a sport I had never heard of, a Jamaican restaurant where we were fed goat, a farm, and a ginormous hill that ended up being a trash mound. It was an interesting tour to say the least, but it ended up being a blast. I think this tour emulated the culture that exists at Cohen & Company. It’s a fun atmosphere to be a part of and the people who surround you are all unique and energetic. Whether it’s participating in volleyball leagues on Tuesday nights or planning a huge Brewer tailgate party for weeks an advance with the other interns, there is always something fun going on with the people from the office. I am excited to continue with this internship throughout the rest of the summer and see what other opportunities present themselves.