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Feb 08, 2018

Category: Kent State University

I have been interning at Cohen & Company for nearly a month now and I can honestly say I have learned something new each day. It has been an incredible learning experience, as well as given me the opportunity to meet and build relationships with new people. The people that make up Cohen & Company is what makes going to work feel less like work. Yes, work will always be work, but enjoying your time at work due to the people you surround yourself with extremely helps. Although all the interns are new and still learning a lot, we would all say the firm makes you feel appreciated and no less than any other full time employee. Every time I have asked for help or needed an explanation, one of the employees has always been able to gladly help me. The dedication and hard work that the firm has put forth into finding people with both personality and professionalism has been more than apparent. 

Outside of work, I was amazed by the events held to appreciate the new and current employees on their achievements. Before I started interning, Cohen & Company had an intern event at the Whirlyball for games and food. It was a great way to get to know everyone in a fun environment before we started to work and ask any last minutes questions to the employees. The work promotion party that everyone was invited to in order to celebrate the achievements of all the employees and the company was another example of the caring culture Cohen & Company has created for their employees.

Cohen & Company also gives back to the community in various ways. The interns had the opportunity to spend a few hours at the Cleveland Food Bank to package over 7,700 lbs of meat. It was a great volunteering experience, as well as chance to get to bond with other interns in different offices.

Within just the month I have been interning, I have been given the opportunity to learn, network, provide community service, and so much more. Cohen & Company makes your internship just right because it the perfect balance between work and fun.