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Getting to Know the Bench

Jul 01, 2019

Category: Xavier University

During training week, the firm takes you to the work bench where you will be sitting during the duration of your internship. There is a ton of excitement the first time when you see your name plate pinned to the wall, as well as a phone with your name all set up for business calls. You immediately look to your right and left to see who you are going to be sitting with for the next few weeks. The people who sit on that bench with you are going to become some of your closet friends during this time. Cohen & Company puts all of the interns together for a reason, and it is because we become each other’s support system and greatest resource.

When working on documents, especially in the beginning, you are going to feel lost on where to start. After your supervisor spent the last ten minutes talking to you about how to do the assignment, you are going to be hesitant to go and ask them again what is step one. This is where going to your group on the bench is going to be extremely helpful. Everyone is willing to help knowing that at some point, they will be in the same spot as you. The entire group of interns, including yourself, is very smart and has a variety of experiences. If you ever have a questions, you should feel encouraged to lean over and ask your neighbor for help.

But the point of the bench is not just for a learning aspect, the people on it are also extremely fun to socialize with. There have been times someone needs to take a second from work to take a few putts with the golf club. Once someone grabs the putter, everyone turns to watch to put a little pressure on them.  Whether you make or miss it, everyone is going to cheer in some form that usually gets the bench laughing. Also, be aware that someone will probably call you out for a quick game to see who can make the putt first. I can say that so far during this program, I have a record of 0-2 and hoping to improve that by the end. It is little moments like this that make Cohen & Company so special and unique when compared to other firms. Not many other firms will end their lunch break by having a putting competition between people who didn’t even know each other a week ago.

This internship program is proving to be a great and memorable experience. The learning aspect is second to none as they teach you so much that you thought you would never understand. The same can be said from a social aspect as the friendships built are amazing. The bench always makes plans to go to lunch somewhere, Snapchating one another after work, or even going to an Indians game after a long day at work.  This bench of people has quickly became an amazing group of friends that I hope to keep well after the internship ends.