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A Glimpse of the Cohen Internship

Aug 03, 2017

Category: University of Wisconsin-Madison

This summer has flown by, and has by far met and blown past my expectations for how I thought my time at Cohen would go.
Once you first process the excitement of accepting an internship offer from Cohen, the wondering (and nervousness) of what it entails will set in. What am I going to be doing? Do I know enough to succeed?

The answer to the first question is hard to do in a blog. Each internship is its own experience, and there are unique opportunities for everyone. To do a poor summarization, however, it's that you’re doing everything and anything that a first year staff would be doing. Sure it's not the same difficulty at all times, but it's also not filing and scanning documents. You may be asked to do some of the more "intern" work, but it's few and far between (and may even be a welcome mental break from a project you're working on).

This brings us to the next question, and the one the weighed the heaviest on my mind the weeks before training. I had done internships before, but never in public accounting. No matter the course work or if you've had prior internship experience, you'll start on pretty level playing field. The first week is spent training on everything from more introductory concepts to software tools. It will make you feel like you don't know anything, but you'll pick it up as the summer goes along. You won't know anything off the bat, but keep open minded and you'll be amazed at what you know 12 weeks later!

Cohen really tries to make sure that as an intern you are getting the experience that you are looking for, and, in the process, exceed any ideas of what you had envisioned for the summer.