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Good Culture and Learning Opportunities

Jan 25, 2018

Category: Youngstown State University

Two weeks ago, I began my internship at Cohen and I have learned a lot already. We have had over a week of training and I was able to complete my first tax return this week which was very exciting. I am interning in the Investment Industry Services department and most of the material we work with is not taught in most accounting classes. It was slightly overwhelming at first knowing you must learn a multitude of new things, but everyone at Cohen has been so understanding and nice. I am thankful for the environment because it has eased my nerves immensely.

As I was preparing for my interview with Cohen, I was researching the firm and trying to gain a better understanding of what their company was all about. While browsing Cohen’s website, I came across a video about the culture at Cohen. As I spoke to an employee at Cohen, they spoke about the workplace culture. At first I was skeptical because it seems like something every company says, but after working as an intern for only two weeks, I can confirm that the Cohen culture is not just talk. I have been amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone has been.

Cohen preaches an open door policy no matter what your job position is. A lot of the partners and senior managers come over to our workstations on a daily basis to make sure we are doing okay and to just talk about things. It really is the type of atmosphere that makes me as an intern, feel welcome and just as important as any other employee.  I cannot say enough good things about the culture and atmosphere at Cohen. It is because of this that Cohen is one of the top accounting firms and the fastest growing. I am looking forward to whatever else is in store during my internship at Cohen.