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Graduation Feeling

Mar 23, 2018

Category: University of Baltimore

The first thing out of a college student’s mouth is usually “I cannot wait to graduate”.  However, the closer that graduation date approaches, the realization of starting a career begins to kick in.  It is often hard to imagine life without school books and deadlines.  Will you even like the job that you are doing after all of this hard work obtaining a degree?   Will you be good at what you’ve dedicated your studies to?  These were some of the questions that crossed my mind as I began my internship at Cohen & Company. 

I must admit that the first few weeks were a little overwhelming and all of the questions I came in with were still unanswered.  After speaking with some seasoned interns, I learned that my worries were common which was reassuring.  Everyone from intern level to partners have been extremely patient and helpful during my time at Cohen & Company.  They understand that while we have been studying accounting, the application of our studies is quite different and it takes time to adjust.  There is also the additional task of becoming familiar with the investment industry itself.  I came in with very little to no experience with investments which enhanced my level of stress.  Each person I have worked with on different engagements has been happy to explain how and why things are done.  It is encouraging to have coworkers who are eager to help and answer as many questions as you may have.  While I still have a lot to learn, I feel much more comfortable with my career path and am reassured that I am where I am supposed to be.  I am very thankful for this opportunity and am excited to begin my full time journey with Cohen & Co.