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Great People First

Feb 07, 2020

Category: Eastern Michigan University

In the fall of 2019, I had just transferred to Eastern Michigan and within the first couple of weeks there was a career fair. There was a hallway full of different accounting firms and as I was searching for my first internship I was just looking for an opportunity in one of these firms. When I stopped at Cohen & Company’s table, it was a different feeling compared to the other firms. As I progressed from just introducing myself to the company interview, I saw that interns weren’t just there to get coffee and file papers. They made us all feel important and a part of the “Cohen” family which was a key deciding factor in my decision to want to join the team. It wasn’t what anyone said, it was how everyone interacted with each other. Every story I heard wasn’t just about how good the job is, but how the firm takes care of their employees and how nice/caring everyone in the offices were.

My very first day in the office, the entire tax department to the tax interns to lunch and it may not be a big deal to the tax staff, but that showed how much we mattered and making sure that we transitioned without any issues. Everything has been amazing and such a learning experience that I’ll appreciate just because of the effort that the entire company puts into this Internship program. Our first day of training, I got to my seat and saw a personalized note from the CEO. Again, it may have just seemed like a note to others, but for the CEO of the company to me, an intern, a note saying welcome to the firm is amazing. It meant a lot and calmed some of the many nerves I had walking into my first day of training. Interns are treated as if we’re here to stay, even though we’re temporary.

The biggest adjustment so far in my internship is just adjusting. Through school, sports, and just about everything I’ve done, I tend to try to figure it out on my own and not bother anyone with questions. Everything in the tax department is completely new to me, so I’ve learned that it’s not a bother and it’s okay to ask questions. It’s okay to ask for help and aside from the software, that’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned here so far because I’ve always struggled with that. I believe the family environment that Cohen & Company carries made the transition into the office a little smoother. I’ve learned so much through this internship and I’ve grown so much mentally and professionally in the two months I have been with the firm. Thank you Cohen & Company for not only the opportunity, but for helping me realize it is okay to not know everything and to ask for help.