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Hands On Experience Comes Quick

Jun 12, 2019

Category: Baldwin Wallace University

Starting your first internship is not an easy thing. The adjustments that come are usually really hard, but the main goal of an internship is to figure out if the field you’re in is the field you want to be in. When taking my first internship here at Cohen & Company, many different thoughts went through my head, like whether I would be stuck in the office all day or be fetching coffee for people, but here at Cohen & Company neither of those are true. They provide you with the same experiences as if you were just a new hire. You are given great opportunities and even the chance to work with clients. The people at Cohen & Company provide you with the chance to learn even if it entails failing over and over.  An experience that I was able to have was doing switch replacements across three different offices Cleveland, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh. Being asked to be a part of this was astonishing because this was the first hands on experience that I had related to my field. Working at Cohen & Company has been a mind blowing experience that jumpstarted my passion for the field that I am in.

This company strives to find young talent that will put the effort into the job so as long as you show that you can handle the work, it will pay off for you. All of the Cohen Family want to see you excel in this company and they are all here for you to ask questions to. Look forward to learning every day because you want to know exactly what you are working on. Enjoy the time you will have here because these are the people that will show you everything you need to know about the real world.

I would personally love to thank all of the lovely people at Cohen & Company.