Intern Blog

A Helping Hand

Jan 22, 2021

Hello and welcome to our new normal for the time being! A virtual workplace is how Cohen & Company started us off as Interns, with the option of going to the Office later on. For some context, I am a part time Tax Intern at the Pittsburgh office with about 3 weeks of experience under my belt. The folks at Cohen & Co made the transition to an online setting smooth and easy – there was abundant communication between the HR Team, office coordinators, and those I would eventually work with. I am truly thankful and blessed to be in such good hands from everyone at Cohen & Co – everyone helps you make the most out of your time here.

“Hey Dan, How is everything going? Do you need any help? Just checking to make sure you are good.”
This email from my Manager was the solidifying factor when I knew that Cohen & Co. was so much more than just an Accounting firm; it is a place for people to grow and pursue opportunities they see arise, while having full support from their team. Additionally, some Staff & Senior’s reached out to me, and let me know I could ask them all the questions I had if I so choose. These positive outreaches by my Manager and fellow Staff/Seniors resonated with me – I knew I was with a team that not only cared about serving their clients well, but also building and supporting those around them. It is so calming and reassuring to see that the Cohen & Company team values are truly sincere, friendly, and quality-driven.

The combination of the smooth onboarding leading up to training week, constant communication between the Staff and I, plus the amazing team values really helped me alleviate some of those new intern jitters. I nearly immediately felt acclimated to the new virtual environment with my coworkers in less than the two weeks I have been here. While Tax busy season may be a hectic time, those at Cohen & Company are dedicated to the well-being and long-term relationships that those in the modern world strive to have. I feel confident in knowing that Cohen & Company did not falter during the Pandemic, but instead powered through the tough times to be an even bigger force in the Accounting world. I believe that the main driver of this is the quality driven culture, fostered in by our excellent management team and executed by all the employees in the firm. If there is one thing you take away from my article let it be this: At Cohen & Company, you are in an elite and caring environment.

P.S: Cohen & Co. gave all new hires a monitor to help with our workflow. I would highly recommend you do the same! Having a second (or even third!) monitor is so beneficial during those times when you juggling many Excel sheets and workpapers.